Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Eye Witness Produces Video of US Policeman Who Shot Black Teen

A woman who claims she saw a police officer shoot dead Michael Brown
has released a video of his lifeless body in the street as the cop who
killed him paces back and forth.

Piaget Crenshaw lives in an apartment with a balcony overlooking the
street in Ferguson, Missouri where the 18-year-old was killed on
August 9.

She said today that she waited until now to release the video as she
feared for her safety and the officer's name had not been released.

'I knew the police shouldn't have been chasing this boy and firing at
the same time. And the fact he got shot in his face, something clicked
in me and I thought someone else should see this so I recorded.'

Ms Crenshaw said that police had her footage after confiscating her
phone following the shooting.

She questioned why they did not release this at the same time as the
video of Michael Brown allegedly stealing cigars from a convenience
store on Friday.

Ms Crenshaw said Officer Wilson paced back and forth along the street
next to Michael Brown's body as if he was 'in disbelief' by what had
just happened.

The woman was unclear what exactly happened between Brown and Wilson
at the police cruiser but said that it appeared as if the officer was
trying to pull the teenager into the car.

She said Brown got away and she heard shots fired, none of which
appeared to hit Brown although she believed one grazed him.

It was then Brown 'turned around and was shot multiple times'.

She added: 'He was running away and when he [Brown] turned around he was shot.'

Officer Wilson is now on paid administrative leave following the
shooting death of Michael Brown, pending the outcome of the
investigation into the shooting.

On Monday the St Louis County medical examiner also confirmed that
Brown had been shot between six and eight times.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson released the name of Officer
Wilson last Friday after mounting public pressure. He had waited after
saying that the officer received death threats on social media.

The shooting of the unarmed black teenager has sparked eight days of
protests in the once quiet Missouri suburb.

Source: mail online

Jackie Chan's Son Detained On Drug-related Charges

Hong Kong action superstar Jackie Chan's actor-son Jaycee Chan has
been detained in Beijing on drug-related charges, the latest
high-profile celebrity to be ensnared in one of China's biggest
anti-drug crackdowns in two decades.

Jaycee Chan, 31, was detained last Thursday together with the
23-year-old Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko, Beijing police said late
Monday on their official microblog, identifying them only by their
surnames, ages and nationalities. It was unclear why the detentions
were announced several days later.

Police said both actors tested positive for marijuana and admitted
using the drug, and that 100 grams of it were taken from Chan's home.

Jaycee Chan's management, M'Stones International, apologized to the
public on his behalf for the "social impact" caused in a statement on
their website. It said they would "supervise his rehabilitation and
help him return to the right path."

The detentions follow a declaration in June by President Xi Jinping
that illegal drugs should be wiped out and that offenders would be
severely punished. In Beijing alone, more than 7,800 people have been
caught in the crackdown, police said.

A string of celebrities have been among those detained, including Gao
Hu, who acted in Zhang Yimou's 2011 movie "The Flowers of War." Last
week, 42 Beijing performing arts associations and theater companies
signed a pledge to not hire any actors connected with drugs in an
event organized by the capital's Narcotics Control Office and the
Beijing Cultural Bureau.

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV aired footage of a police search of the
younger Chan's home in Beijing in which he is depicted, his face
pixelated, showing officers where he stashed bags of marijuana. Police
said they acted on a tipoff from the public.

Chan is accused of accommodating drug users, an offense that carries a
maximum sentence of three years' imprisonment — a far more serious
charge than that of drug consumption. Two other people detained in the
same case were accused of selling drugs while Ko is accused of drug

China named the elder Chan an anti-drug ambassador in 2009. Ko, the
Taiwanese star, was part of an anti-drug campaign two years ago, CCTV
reported, showing footage of the campaign in which he joins other
celebrities in a chorus declaring: "I don't use drugs."

On Tuesday, Ko was shown on CCTV, his face pixelated, tearfully
apologizing to his fans and family.

"I feel very regretful, very sorry to all the people who support me...
I've been a very bad example, I've made a very big mistake," Ko said.
In a statement online, his management company, Star Ritz Productions,
said Ko had received a 14-day detention and also apologized to the

Ko, whose real name is Ko Chen-tung, became a sensation after his 2011
film "You Are the Apple of My Eye," a box-office hit in Taiwan. He won
Best New Performer award for his role in the coming-of-age movie at
the Golden Horse awards in Taiwan, considered the most prestigious in
Chinese-language cinema.

He played the boyfriend of one of the protagonists in China-produced
"Tiny Times 3.0," which appealed to young female audiences and knocked
"Transformers 4" off the No. 1 spot as the most watched film after its
release in the mainland last month.

Illegal drug use has ballooned in China in recent decades, after being
virtually eradicated following the 1949 communist revolution.
Narcotics began to reappear with the loosening of social controls in
the late 1980s.

In more recent years, rising wealth and greater personal freedoms have
been accompanied by a growing popularity of methamphetamines and the
party drugs Ecstasy and ketamine. They are often bought on social
media forums and consumed in nightclubs, leading to periodic police

Source: yahoo news

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mother Jailed For Having Sex With Her 12yr Old Son While Her Partner Watched and Instructed Her Over A Webcam!

This is really sad and sickening.

A mother has been jailed for having sex with her 12-year-old son - while her partner watched and directed her over a webcam.
The woman wore headphones as she abused the boy in her bedroom as her lover viewed online from abroad.

The boy told police how he could hear his 39-year-old mother being told what to do as she gave him a 'sex lesson'.
The offence came to light when the woman 'blurted out' that she had abused the older of her two sons while speaking to a domestic abuse charity about her partner.

A court heard that her 'highly destructive' partner had so far escaped justice.The woman, who cannot be named to protect her son, was jailed for three years and three months at Bristol Crown Court.

Judge Michael Longman told her:

'Your behaviour towards your son was contrary to human instincts and basic decency. It occurred after you met a man who clearly was controlling and over-bearing; a man who, it is also clear, should be prosecuted himself but is outside the jurisdiction and beyond the reach of this investigation.
Even though he was at a distance from you, he continued to exert that influence, but you continued to behave towards your son in a way which, despite that pressure, your own instincts should have prevented.'

The court heard that the boy was just 11 or 12 when the abuse took place.
It came to light when his mother made a complaint at Next Link Domestic Abuse Services in Bristol.
Her confession was passed on to Avon and Somerset police and she was taken in for questioning, and the boy was interviewed.

Prosecuting, Mark Hollier said: 'In a very ordinary voice, he described an incident to the police officers about how his mother had given him a sex lesson in the main bedroom of the family home and this was observed by [the partner] via a webcam and computer link.'

The mother - who cried through much of the hearing - denied 'volunteering' to have sex with her son.
She was charged with engaging in penetrative sexual activity with a boy under 13 which she admitted.
The court heard that her two sons were taken into care by social services and are now living with a foster family.
The abusive partner is still abroad and police are liaising with authorities in that country - which can't be named for legal reasons - to bring him to justice.

Defending, Fiona Elder, said it was an 'extremely unusual' case and the mother was acting on instructions from her 'highly destructive' partner.

She added: 'She's absolutely devastated by the loss of the children and what she has done.'
A psychiatric report found the woman had a personality disorder which made her susceptible to being in abusive relationships and would become dependent on abusive partners.

Judge Longman imposed a Sexual Offences Prevention Order and ordered the woman to sign the Sex Offenders' Register indefinitely.

Things that really make you go hmmm.....


Brazil Has something To Say...

Miss Bum Bum is here again. They may have lost the world cup, but who dares them in this one?

These are the 27 women who will soon be battling it out for the coveted title of Miss Bum Bum Brazil 2014.

Now in its fourth year, Miss Bum Bum Brazil has gone from humble beginnings to international fame, with spin-offs in Miami, Japan and for the World Cup.

This year, the contestants include a Megan Fox lookalike, Claudia Alende; twins Graziella and Rafaella Fornazieri; a plus-size model, Juliana Bittencortt; and the oldest ever candidate, Patricia Oliveira, aged 39.

Things that make you go, hmmmm...

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Beyonce Hasn't Moved or Influenced The Direction Of Fashion Like Rihanna

Whoa...think this is kinda too hot to handle...

From The NY Times:

Beyoncé hasn’t moved, or influenced, the direction of fashion writ large in the way that, say, Rihanna, the winner of this year’s CFDA Fashion Icon award, has. (See, for example, the luxe athletic pieces peppering collections like Pucci, Balmain and Tom Ford.) She doesn’t wear things and spark a million trends, like Madonna once did with her jeweled crosses and lace minis, not to mention her bullet bra corsets. She doesn’t cause items to sell out overnight, like wee Prince George.

She doesn’t worm her way into designers’ imaginations, the way Patti Smith and Courtney Love did. Her stylist has not become a well-known name in his own right, the way Nicola Formichetti has moved from working with Lady Gaga (who also won the CFDA Fashion Icon award in 2011) to becoming the creative director and frontman of Diesel.

Her megafame could not even sustain her own fashion brand, House of Deréon, which appears to have been suspended (the Facebook page links to a website, houseofdereon.com, which the Internet says “cannot be found,” though some jeans and shoes are still sold on third-party sites), unlike, say, that of Jessica Simpson, which has revenues of about $1 billion, according to Forbes. Li & Fung, which owns House of Deréon, did not respond to requests to clarify the situation.


Thai Surrogate Mom Wants Twin Baby Back Says It is her Child

Surrogate mom, Chanuba, a 21-year-old food vendor in Thailand’s seaside town of Sri Racha, says she wants the little boy’s twin sister back in light of child sex-abuse charges against the biological father, David John Farnell.

“Personally, when I heard the news I was shocked but I can’t say anything much right now,” she said at a press conference in Thailand yesterday.

“I want her back because she is my baby. She was in my womb. If (the allegations) are proved to be true, I would like to bring my daughter back to Thailand.”

David John Farnell, Gammy’s biological father, was revealed to be a convicted paedophile. He was jailed for three years in 1997 after admitting to sexually assaulting two young children.

According to media reports from the time, the electrician, who was then 39, pleaded guilty to the sex crimes and had previously admitted to molesting two teenage girls 15 years earlier.

Reports have it that Gammy, was born a twin, but the parents took the girl leaving the boy behind because he is said to have a congenital heart condition.

The couple are from Western Australia.


"We Are Just Friends" - 12 Warning Signs That It's Emotional Infidelity

A new sort of infidelity has been on the rise for decades, and it’s one of the biggest threats to marriage and courtship: ‘emotional affairs.’ Today’s workplace has become the new danger zone of opportunities for ‘emotional affairs,’ surpassed only by the Internet.

A relationship without sex can be just as intense, or more so than the intimate one. Why the crisis?

To understand the intensity of emotional infidelity, it helps to see the dynamics as an addiction, a form of addictive love. That’s because it’s easier to let go of a toxic pattern when you depersonalize the experience.

It’s not about ‘how’ special the person is or makes you feel, it’s about the neurochemicals that get activated when you think and behave a certain way that keeps you stuck in the damaging pattern! It isn’t a coincidence, for example, that persons with alcohol and other addictions are more likely to get into toxic relationships. Seeing the problem as an addiction also gives you access to proven steps to identify and break free of the toxic patterns.

Why addictive?

An addiction to an activity, person or substance puts a person’s brain and body in an intoxicating trance that, on the one hand, does not allow them to think clearly and make informed choices, and on the other hand, ‘rewards’  them for the toxic behavior with the release of certain chemicals that provide quick-fixes of pleasure in the body. Albeit temporary, there is also pleasure from lowering or numbing pain, shame or guilt, as it provides distance from taking responsibility to resolve the real issues of life and marriage (which risk failure). What are the warning signs?

There are at least 12 warning signs to alert you to take action to protect yourself and your relationship from ‘emotional infidelity.’

1. Thinking and saying you’re ‘just friends’ with opposite-sex.

If you’ve been thinking or saying, “we’re just friends,” think again. If it’s a member of the opposite sex, you may be swimming in treacherous waters. The very words are dangerous to your marriage.

This rationale allows you to make excuses, or more plainly, to tell lies (to yourself and others) about something you know in your gut is wrong. Regardless how strongly TV and entertainment promote the idea of opposite-sex friendships (and this is part of the problem!) as not only ‘okay,’ but also ‘right’ to demand unconditional trust, in most cases, an intimate friendship with a member of the opposite-sex that you find interesting and attractive poses risks.

2. Treating them as a confidant, sharing intimate issues.

Sharing thoughts and deepest concerns, hopes and fears, passions and problems is what deepens intimacy; it builds an emotional bond between two people, time better used in marriage relationship. Giving this away to another person, regardless of the justification, is infidelity, a betrayal of trust. This is especially true when you consider that emotional intimacy is the most powerful bond in human relationships, much stronger than a intimate one.

3. Discussing troubling aspects of your marriage and partner.

Talking or venting to a person of the opposite sex about what your marriage lacks, what your partner lacks, or what you’re not getting to make you happy sends a loud message that you’re available for someone else to ‘love and care’ for your needs. It’s also a breach of trust. And, like gossip, it creates a false sense of shared connection, and an illusion that you, your happiness, your comfort and needs are totally valued by this person (when, in truth, this has not been put to the test!).

4. Comparing them verbally and mentally to your partner.

Another danger sign is a thinking pattern that increasingly finds what is ‘positive’ and ‘just right’ about the friend and ‘negative’ and ‘unfulfilling’ about the partner.  This builds a case ‘for’ the friend and ‘against’ the partner. Another mental breach of trust, this unfairly builds a physiologically felt case ‘for’ the friend and ‘against’ the partner, forming mental images in the brain that associate pleasurable and painful sensations accordingly.

5. Obsessively thinking or daydreaming about the person.

If you find yourself looking forward to seeing the person, cannot wait to share news, think about what you’re going to tell them when you’re apart, and imagine their excitement, you’re in trouble. This sense of expectation, excitement, anticipation releases dopamine in reward centers of your brain, reinforcing toxic patterns. Obsessively thinking about the person is an obvious signal that something is wrong. After all, you don’t do this with your friends, right?

6. Believing this person ‘gets’ you like no other.

It always appears this way in affairs and romantic encounters at the start. It’s an illusion, and in the case of emotional infidelity, one that is dangerous to a marriage because the sense of mutual ‘understanding’ forms a bond that strengthens and deepens emotional intimacy, with the release of pleasurable neurochemicals, such as the love and safety hormone oxytocin. This focus also puts you in a ‘getting’ frame of mind. It means you are approaching your marriage in terms of what you’re getting or not getting, rather than what you’re contributing.

7. Pulling out of regular activities with your partner, family, work.

Being absorbed with desire to spend more and more time talking, sharing, being with the person, it’s only natural to begin to resent time you spend on responsibilities and activities at home (and work?). As a result, you begin to pull away, turn down, or make excuses for not joining regular activities with your partner and family. Family members notice you are withdrawn, irritable and unhappy.

8. Keeping what you do secret and covering up your trail.

Secrecy itself is a warning sign. It creates a distinct closeness between two people, and at the same time grows the distance between them and others. Secrets create a special bond, most often an unhealthy one. For example, there may be a false sense of emotional safety and trust with the person, and an unwarranted mistrust and suspicion of the partner, or those who try to interfere with the ‘friendship.’

9. Keeping a growing list of reasons that justify your behaviors.

This involves an addictive pattern of thinking that focuses your attention on how unhappy you are, why you’re unhappy, and blames your partner and marriage for all aspects of your unhappiness. It builds a dangerous sense of entitlement and forms a pool of resentment from which you feel justified to mistreat your partner or do what you need to increase your happiness without considering the consequences.

10. Fantasizing about a love or intimate relationship with the person.

At some point, one or both persons begin to fantasize about having a love or intimate relationship with the other. They may begin to have discussions about this, which adds to the intensity, the intrigue and the intoxicating addictive releases of neurochemicals that make the pattern more entrenched.

11. Giving or receiving personal gifts from the person.

Another flag is when the obsession affects your buying behaviors, so that you begin to think about this person when you are shopping, wondering what they like or would show your appreciation. The gift choices are something intimate items that you would not give ‘just’ a friend. Gifts send clear messages that the two of you are a ‘close we’ set apart from others, and that the relationship is ‘special.’

12. Planing to spend time alone together or letting it happen.

This is the warning sign that, when not heeded, most often pushes partners to cross the line from a platonic to a intimate relationship. Despite good intentions and promises to one another that they would not let ‘anything’ happen, it’s a set up, a matter of time, when opposite-sex friends flirt with the availability of time alone.


Monday, 4 August 2014

Eye candy: Would You Mind Riding In Gold?

Ever heard of Arab money?

The 'Mystere' Range Rover, is £150,000 overhauled by German tuning house, Hamann. The car, with the registration plate '666', was flown over to the UK by its Saudi owner.

Normally a top-spec Range Rover costs £100,000 and a whooping £50,000 for the 'Mystere' conversion.

A local resident said: 'Range Rovers don't normally stand out because there are so many of them in London, but this one is different.'

Things that make you go, hmmm....just thinking 'bout the plate number....

Chris Brown Dumps 'Opportunist' Girlfriend, Karrueche Tran

Chris and Karrueche

It was reported just last week that Karrueche Tran had called it quits with her on/off boyfriend Chris Brown.
But TMZ claims otherwise.
They say Chris have spoken with them, and the singer is said to have 'dumped' Karrueche after people in her camp leaked stories about the break-up.

According to TMZ, Chris discovered Karrueche had been texting other men while they were still together, and used their relationship to promote her new clothing line, by talking about Chris in interviews. Chris 'decided she was an opportunist' and then called off their relationship. But in other news, Karrueche claimed she had ended things because of his 'immature ways'.

But it seems Chris has retaliated by getting his people to speak to the site to set things straight.
There were also reports of Karrueche being fed up with Chris' 'obsession' with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.
In a recent interview, Karrueche recently admitted Rihanna had caused problems with her relationship with Chris because her many fans have opinions about the situation.

She said: 'In this case my boyfriend is a celebrity whose ex-girlfriend is an even bigger [celebrity]...so, I'm not only am I fighting a battle with her, I'm fighting a battle with her 14 million fans or however else.
'So, imagine how that feels for me when I gotta get on Twitter and I see a whole bunch of stuff...they make up all kinds of crazy stuff and it's like they know nothing about me.'
'But, you know, because they know nothing about me, because I stay so mute sometimes, that leaves open space for them to say whatever they want.'

Hmmm....enough of all the off and on stuff, you both should stay on your lane and remain focused on your careers!

"Baboons, Monkeys, Little Black Bi**hes" - Two Principals and A Teacher Suspended Over Rascist Comments

It's amazing how that in the 21st century when we should be forward thinking, some people still have their brains turned backwards...

Two principals and a teacher in three Free State schools have been suspended amid allegations of racism, the provincial education department said on Monday.

The SAHRC had investigated Francois Schoon, principal of the Dr Viljoen Combined School in Bloemfontein, Charles Liversage, principal of Christian De Wet Hoërskool in Dewetsdorp, and Trudy Erasmus, a Life Orientation teacher at St Helena Primary school in Welkom.

The commission released a report on the Dr Viljoen Combined School last week, finding it guilty of hate speech towards black pupils.  It found that pupils at the school were exposed to dehumanising and racist treatment from staff, including the principal, in May 2013.

Pupils alleged staff called them racist, derogatory, and belittling names, such as “kaffirs, baboons, monkeys, and little black b***hes”.

Unfortunately, these incidents were not isolated, as black students claimed teachers also insulted their families and heritage with blatantly racist comments.

They further alleged that one of the teachers told them that “after seeing their ugly faces, he adores his dog even more because it is more beautiful than them”.

Pupils claimed teachers told them to go back to black schools in townships as they would never succeed in life and would end up like their parents who worked in chain stores.

In a Grade Seven classroom, the old South African flag was reportedly on display, along with a picture of Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema next to a monkey.

Things that make you go, hmmmm......


Saturday, 8 March 2014

Music Producer Harry Mordi aka Hcode Passes On

Top Soul/Hiphop producer, Harry Mordi popularly known as Hcode has passed on.

Hcode, who produced 2face Idibia and Vector's Get Down, died last night after suffering an Asthma attack. He was just in his mid 20s.

Really sad... It's really amazing how very young people are checking out these days...


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