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'Don't Touch My Girlfriend' Man Tells Barack Obama

The woman who voted next to President Barack Obama on Monday says she was "embarrassed and just shocked," after her fiancé jokingly told him "Mr. President, don't touch my girlfriend."

Casting his ballot in Chicago on Monday, Obama stood at a voting booth next to Aia Cooper, whose fiancé,

Mike Jones, decided to crack wise with the president, which prompted Obama to reply with "I really wasn't planning on it," before adding that Jones was "an example of a brother just embarrassing you for no reason."
In an interview with CNN's Brooke Baldwin Tuesday afternoon, Cooper said she was "embarrassed and just shocked" after hearing her fiancé comments. "I was just shaking," she said.
Cooper was nervous to cast her ballot next to the president even before Jones made his remark.

"I was like, 'do I have to stand there? I don't really want to stand there,'" she said.
When asked by Baldwin, the couple said they'd even be open to inviting the Obamas to their future wedding.

I wanna meet Michelle," Cooper said. "Hopefully she doesn't think anything about me, but I really want to meet her."

At the poll Monday, Cooper apologized for her boyfriend, telling the President she knew Jones was going to "say something smart," but she didn't know what.
At least she would go back home with a good story: Obama joked that she would tell her friends and family, "I can't believe Mike, he is such a fool."

"But fortunately, the President was nice about it, so it's alright," Obama said, imagining how Cooper would tell the story.
Obama got back at Jones after voting, with a hug and a kiss for his fiancée.
"On the cheek, just the cheek -- please, Michelle, don't come after me -- just the cheek!" Cooper told CNN affiliate WLS-TV after voting.
"Now, he's really jealous," Obama told Cooper.
Obama was in Chicago on Sunday and Monday campaigning for Gov. Pat Quinn, who is facing a tough battle for re-election

Toyin Obadina's Killers Arrested

The armed robbers who shot and killed the Deputy Editor of Saturday Newswatch newspapers, Toyin Obadina (pictured left0 on February 3rd along the Itoikin Old Ijebu-Ode road, have been arrested by men of the Lagos state police command, eight months after they carried out the dastard act.

The notorious armed robbers named Adeshina Festus, Sunday Samuel, Ibrahim Adeokin and Babatunde Makinde, (all pictured right) were arrested after two members of their gang led the police to their hideout in Ikorodu.

Speaking on how they were arrested, the Lagos state police commissioner, Kayode Aderanti, said;

"Based on the information, a team of crack detectives, led by the officer in charge of Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, Abba Kyari, swung into action and two suspected members of the gang, Ibrahim Adeokin and Babatunde Makinde, were arrested. Immediate search conducted on them led to the recovery of two cut-to-size locally-made single barrelled short guns, with 12 rounds of live cartridges.

During interrogation, they confessed to belonging to a six-man robbery gang who has been terrorising Lagos State and its environs. They also confessed to be responsible for the killing of the owner of a Toyota Yaris car with registration number AKD 701CE, which they snatched and later abandoned with the corpse at Ikorodu. The victim was later discovered to be Mr. Toyin Obadina, the Deputy Editor of Saturday Newswatch. Their confession later led detectives to Ikorodu area where one Festus Adeshina and Sunday Samuel were also arrested. They mentioned Olasheun and Omo Alhaja, who are at large, as members of their gang, while Oke and Benjamin, who they claimed were members of the gang, were killed in a shoot-out with operatives of SARS at Mile 12 area.” he said.

On how and why they killed the 50 year old editor, one of the suspects, Shina Festus said Mr Obadina was shot dead by their leader because he tried to struggle his car with them.

"We were coming from Imota, while he (Obadina) was going inward. On reaching a bad spot, he slowed down and we blocked him with our vehicles: one in front and the other behind. Four members of the gang came down from the vehicles. While two of them positioned themselves to wade off intruders, Oke and Benjamin went to the man in the car. An argument ensued between Oke and the man, and Oke shot him dead. When one of us asked Oke why he shot the motorist, he got angry and shot the gang member for challenging his authority. At the end of the operation, we collected his phone, laptop and some money we saw in the car. When we got to our hideout, Oke told us that the man struggled with him. We did not know the man was a journalist and my job is to drive the operational vehicle.” he said

Police Commissioner said the suspects would immediately be charged to court.

Really sad!   


Oscar Pristorius Slammed With A 5yr Prison Term For Culpable Homicide

Could this really be justice...fair judgement?!

Oscar Pistorius has been sentenced to five years in prison for the culpable homicide of Reeva Steenkamp, whom he shot dead on Valentine's Day last year.

In a court in Pretoria, Judge Masipa also handed Pistorius a three-year sentence, suspended for five years, for negligently discharging a firearm in a crowded restaurant in Johannesburg in January 2013.

The two sentences will run concurrently.

The prosecution had wanted Pistorius to serve at least ten years in prison, while his own lawyers had argued that he should serve a three-year community-based sentence, such as 16 hours of domestic cleaning a month.

Immediately after the verdict was read out, members of the athlete's family told reporters that there would be no appeal against the sentence, and that they expected Pistorius to go directly to prison. His legal team said their understanding was that he will have to serve ten months, one sixth of his sentence, in prison before being considered for house arrest.

However, Nathi Mncube, a spokesman for the National Prosecuting Authority, suggested Pistorius would have to serve at least one third of the prison sentence, around 20 months, in jail. He added that the NPA has an "appetite" to appeal but has not made a decision to do so yet. Both sides have two weeks in which to lodge an appeal.

The prospect of Pistorius leaving jail within a year provoked outrage on Twitter, with the hashtag #Nojustice trending worldwide.
Sky News reporter Robert Nisbet said the overwhelming reaction on the streets of Pretoria was also negative. "He took the soul of another person. How can that be right?" one man said outside the court.
But Reeva Steenkamp's mother June says justice has been served. She told reporters "it doesn't matter" that Pistorius could be out of prison in ten months. "He's going to pay something," she said.
Pistorius's family also said they were satisfied with the sentence and added that the athlete will "embrace this opportunity to pay back to society".
Professor Stephen Tuson, of Wits School of Law, told News24 it would be "inadvisable" for Pistorius to appeal against the sentence as he "got off lightly" for culpable homicide.
Masipa sentenced the athlete to a maximum imprisonment of five years for killing Reeva and a concurrent three-year prison sentence, suspended for five years, for discharging a firearm in a Johannesburg restaurant in January 2013.
In The Independent, Chris Maume says Masipa "might have shown mercy, but she has delivered perfect justice". A non-custodial sentence would have "sent the wrong message" that if you are famous enough, you can get away with manslaughter, while a longer hail sentence "would have felt like grandstanding", says Maume.
But in The Guardian, Simon Jenkins thinks Pistorius should not be going to jail at all. Masipa's argument was "meticulously reasoned", says Jenkins, but "beyond the cause of consistency, imprisoning Pistorius can serve no purpose".
He describes imprisonment as "brutalism" and says no one will be more or less deterred by the length of his sentence.
"Finding why he behaved as he did, and working to prevent others doing likewise, would be the most useful outcome of his crime. That is unlikely to happen in a prison." 
I wonder what the family of the deceased thinks? What's your take on this?

Tennis Player Grigor Dimitrov Named The Biggest Celebrity In Bulgaria- Forbes

Forbes Bulgaria has named top tennis player Grigor Dimitrov the biggest celebrity in Bulgaria.

Forbes has announced the 70 most outstanding personalities in the country taking into account how successful they are in their field, organizers explained. Media popularity and social networks presence are also of great importance, notes.

The second place in Forbes Bulgaria ranking was taken by another athlete – the boxer Kubrat Pulev. Singer and composer Vladimir Ampov – Grafa comes third, followed by producer Magardich Halvadzhian, and TV personality Slavi Trifonov.

Football player Dimitar Berbatov takes the sixth place in the Forbes celebrities ranking followed by other popular Bulgarian actors, singers and producers.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Nigerian Breaks Academic Record At John Hopkins University

A 22-year-old Nigerian has emerged one of the top graduating students
of John Hopkins University in the United States. He obtained a Grade
Point Average of 3.98 out of a possible 4.0 to earn a degree in
Neurosciences, SEGUN OLUGBILE writes.

A 22-year-old Nigerian, Emmanuel Ohuabunwa, has made history at John
Hopkins University, United States of America. Ohuabunwa from
Arochukwu, Abia State, has done the nation proud by becoming the first
black man to make a Grade Point Average of 3.98 out of 4.0 to bag a
degree in Neurosciences in the university. He was also adjudged as
having the highest honours during the graduation that was held on May
24 this year.

For his efforts, he has won a scholarship to Yale University to pursue
a degree in medicine. Besides, he has been inducted into Phi Beta
Kappa Society, a prestigious honour group that features membership of
17 US Presidents, 37 US Supreme Court Justices, and 136 Nobel Prize

According to Wikipedia, The Phi Beta Kappa Society is an academic
honour society. Its mission is to "celebrate and advocate excellence
in the liberal arts and sciences" and induct "the most outstanding
students of arts and sciences at America's leading colleges and

It was founded at The College of William and Mary on December 5, 1776,
and thus it is the oldest honour society for the liberal arts and
sciences and among the oldest undergraduate societies in the US.

In an online interview with our correspondent, Ohuabunwa, who was born
in Okota, Lagos and attended Lilly Fields Primary School, Lagos, said
he left Nigeria after his junior secondary school education at Air
Force Comprehensive School, Ibadan, Oyo State.

"My parents moved the whole family when I was 13 years old. I was
about to begin SS1 at Air Force, Ibadan. When I got to the US, I was
enrolled with my age mates, which meant at 13, I was in middle school.
I went to Fondren Middle School, which was in the middle of the
ghetto. That was one of the darkest years for me because I encountered
a lot of peer pressure. Some of the students, ignorant about Africa,
bullied me and called me names such as 'African booty scratcher'
because to them, Africans were dirty and scratched their butts all the

"Some asked me if I lived in mud huts and ate faeces for breakfast. I
remember one day, when I was walking to the school bus, a boy came
from behind and punched me in the face, called me an African and
walked away. It took everything in me not to retaliate. I knew that
God had put me in the U.S for a purpose and it did not involve
fighting or selling drugs or doing the wrong things.

"My experience during that year gave me a thick skin. I learned to
stand for what I thought was right even when the opposition seemed
insurmountable. I also learned to look at the positive in all
situations. Even though these kids were bullying me, I was still
gaining an opportunity to school in America and nothing would stop me
from making the best of this opportunity.

"The shocker was that the kid that punched me in the face was black. I
would have expected the blacks to be nicer to me. Nevertheless, I
don't blame those kids because they were ignorant about Africa. All
they knew about us was the stuff they had watched on TV or
documentaries, showing primitive African tribes, living in the jungle
and making noises like monkeys.

"In regards to the whites, there might have been some minor episodes
but again I don't blame them for it because it is a problem with
stereotypes," he said.

But in spite of this humiliation and racial prejudice against him, the
first in a family of three was not discouraged. He faced his studies
and was always coming top in his class. After he completed his middle
school education, he passed the entrance examination to DeBakey High
School for Health Professions. It was at this school that his interest
in neurosciences and medicine started.

"By the second year of high school, we were able to interact with
doctors, nurses and other administrators in the hospital. The more I
learned about medicine, the more it felt like the thing God was
calling me to pursue and by being in the US I got a lot of people to
support me to do this. Even though in high school, I got to see
first-hand what it meant to be a doctor. We studied advanced anatomy
and physiology, learned medical terminology, and learned important
skills, such as checking blood pressure, pulse rate, and many more.

"I knew I wanted to go to the best school in the US. I had heard that
Johns Hopkins Hospital had been ranked the number one hospital in the
US for the past 21 years and I wanted to be in that environment.''

Worried that his parents might not be able to sponsor him to the
university, Ohuabunwa purposed to work very hard. He did and when the
result of the PSAT came, he performed so well that he won the National
Achievement Scholar.

By virtue of this award, he received certificates of recognition from
various organisations including senators from the Congress of both
Texas and the US. He also received scholarship from the University of
Houston; Rice University, Texas A&M Honors College and many more.

He had also won the Principal's Award during the annual awards
ceremony at DeBakey High School.

"During our graduation ceremony at DeBakey, I also won the Award for
the Most Outstanding Senior Young Man and the student volunteer award
for my volunteer activities in the State of Texas," he said.

But his breakthrough came when he won the Bill and Belinda Gates
Foundation full scholarship to any university of his choice. He worked
hard and gained admission to Johns Hopkins University to study

But why Neurosciences, Ohuabunwa said, "I studied Neuroscience,
because I was fascinated with the brain, its control of our behaviours
and how various diseases such as Alzheimer's disease, lead to a
decline in its activity. I also minored in Psychology because I wanted
to understand disorders in the psyche. What causes bipolar disorders
or schizophrenia. I did not just want to label them as crazy but to
understand what causes these conditions and how we can treat them,''
he explained.

On how he won the scholarship to Yale, Ohuabunwa said his 3.98 GPA in
Neurosciences, and many awards he had won and God's grace, contributed
to his winning the scholarship.

"As at the time of my application for medical school, I had a 3.98 GPA
of a 4.0. This made me the only black student inducted into the
prestigious Phi Beta Kappa. I was also awarded the Becker Family
Scholarship for being the most outstanding student in the Neuroscience
major at Johns Hopkins University. Furthermore, by God's grace, I took
the MCAT and scored in the top five percentile.

"That, combined with my hours of volunteer service in different
hospitals across the US allowed me to gain acceptance into every
medical school I applied to, including Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins,
Columbia, and Cornell. As the time came to make a decision, I had
narrowed it down to Harvard and Yale. Both schools, I enjoyed
visiting. Nevertheless, while my parents prayed, they asked God to
give us a sign of what school to attend. A few days later, I received
a letter from Yale Medical School, offering me a full ride scholarship
for all four years. That was the sign from God," he said.

But would he come back to Nigeria after the completion of his
programme, he said yes.

"I am absolutely interested in the health care policy decisions in
Nigeria. Because there are many changes that need to occur, I will not
rule out the possibility of coming back after my studies, in order to
join hands with the leaders to make these changes possible.''

He added that his ambition is to become a medical doctor specialising
in brain surgery.

He, however, advised Nigerian youths who have the wherewithal, to go
abroad to study. Ohuabunwa also called on wealthy Nigerians to invest
more in the education of the poor rather than in acquisition of
material things.

Ohuabunwa, however, said that his parents, who he described as his
greatest role models, contributed a lot to his academic feat through
Godly training, counsel and guidance. He also did not forget the
impact that his short stay at Air Force school had on him.

"I was definitely not the brightest at Air Force. At that time, I felt
like I spent more time running away from seniors than focusing on my
studies. Nevertheless, I learned three things at Air Force that have
served me well in the US. I learned discipline, adaptability and
resilience. These attributes helped me a lot in US," he said.

Russian Tennis Federation President Banned For Calling Serena and Venus Williams "Brothers"

Via ESPN reports:

Shamil Tarpischev was fined $25,000 for making the comments on Russian television. He said the sisters (Serena and Venus Williams) were “scary” to look at.
“I think the WTA did a great job of taking [the] initiative and taking immediate action to his comments,” Williams said Sunday in Singapore ahead of her WTA Finals defense. “I thought they were very insensitive and extremely sexist as well as racist at the same time. I thought they were in a way bullying.”

Asked whether he regretted his comments, Tarpischev told The Associated Press on Saturday at the Kremlin Cup that the program on which he spoke was “a humorous show.” When asked about his ban, Tarpischev said: “I can’t comment. I don’t understand it.”
In a statement released later by the Russian Tennis Federation, Tarpischev denied any “malicious intent” and said his quotes had been taken out of context.
The WTA said it would seek his removal as chairman of the Kremlin Cup tournament, which ends Sunday.

Russia’s Maria Sharapova, also in Singapore for the WTA Finals, condemned her compatriot’s comments.
“I think they were very disrespectful and uncalled for, and I’m glad that many people have stood up, including the WTA. It was very inappropriate, especially in his position and all the responsibilities that he has not just in sport, but being part of the Olympic committee,” she said.
Tarpischev has been chairman of the Kremlin Cup, Russia’s only WTA event, for all of its 18 years as a women’s tour event, and is also a member of the International Olympic Committee. During the 1990s, he was the personal tennis coach to Russian president Boris Yeltsin and served as his adviser on sports matters.

He made his comments during an appearance on a Russian talk show this month alongside former Olympic singles champion Elena Dementieva. When Dementieva was asked what it was like playing against the Williams sisters, Tarpischev interjected and called them the “Williams brothers.” He also said that “it’s scary when you really look at them.”


Singer Tuface Idibia Has Word For His Female Fans...

Tuface and wife, Annie

Singer, Tuface Idibia, popularly known as Tubaba, has something to say about handling his female fans:

“When I meet a female fan who is being unnecessarily familiar with me, I just greet her and move on with my life. If she is still being persistent, I would tell her that what she is looking for she cannot have. Then I introduce her to any of my single friends that is around,” he said.
After the hint, he went on to talk about his kids, marriage and dad, who recently passed away.

“Three of my children are already showing signs of being good singers without my interference. I would say I am a natural coach". 
He said:
"Marriage has made me calm and helped balance my life. I don’t do some certain things anymore because I am married.” 

Recalling the death of his father, he said that it was a painful period in his life and it was the last time he cried.

“The last time I cried was when my father died. When the doctor told me that he was dead, I could not believe it. It was then it dawned on me that I would not see him again,” he said.

He also told Saturday Beats, that if he had not been a musician, he probably would have been a goalkeeper.

Big ups Tubaba, that's the way to stay protected from the love showing ladies, if not, your career would be aborted!

Man Discovers Vampire Grave in Bulgaria

A skeleton with a stake driven through its chest has been unearthed in Bulgaria, in what archaeologists are terming a "vampire grave".

A "vampire grave" containing a skeleton with a stake driven through its chest has been unearthed by a man known as "Bulgaria’s Indiana Jones".

Professor Nikolai Ovcharov – a crusading archaeologist who has dedicated his life to unearthing mysteries of ancient civilisations – said that he had made the discovery while excavating the ruins of Perperikon, an ancient Thracian city located in southern Bulgaria, close to the border with Greece.
The city, inhabited since 5,000 BC but only discovered 20 years ago, is believed to be the site of the Temple of Dionysius – the Greek god of wine and fertility. And among the finds at the site, which includes a hilltop citadel, a fortress and a sanctuary, are a series of "vampire graves".

On Thursday Professor Ovcharov announced that he had found a remarkably-preserved Medieval skeleton at the site in what he termed "a vampire grave".

"We have no doubts that once again we’re seeing an anti-vampire ritual being carried out," said Professor Ovcharov. He explained that the metal was driven through the corpse to stop a "bad" person from rising from the dead and terrorising the living. Often they were applied to people who had died in unusual circumstances – such as suicide."

The skeleton, thought to be of a man aged between 40 and 50, had a heavy piece of ploughshare – an iron rod, used in a plough – hammered through its chest. The left leg below the knee had also been removed and left beside the skeleton.

"The ploughshare weighs almost two pounds and is dug into the body into a broken shoulder bone. You can clearly see how the collarbone has literally popped out." He added that he thought the grave dated back to the first half of the 13th Century.

Professor Ovcharov also discovered the remains of woman and a young child, laid out to create an image of the Virgin Mary and child. He said that this was done in an attempt to ward off the plague, which had started to ravage Medieval populations.

The find is the third such discovery in Bulgaria, and bears a strong similarity to two previous graves discovered in 2012 and 2013 in the Bulgarian seaside town of Sozopol, 200 miles to the east of Perperikon, which were nicknamed "the twin vampires of Sozopol".
According to Bozhidar Dimitrov, who runs the National History Museum in Sofia, about 100 such skeletons have been uncovered in Bulgaria.


How Easy Is It To Make Money On the Internet?

Yeah that's a good question; how easy is it to make money online? Some say it's REALLY easy while other's say it's close to IMpossible.

The bottom line is that people DO make money on the internet, and I'm not talking about online scams. I mean legitimately.

I've been on the internet now for like four years (goofing most of those years) and have learnt a major lesson:

To succeed in any online business, you will spend time, money and effort/energy in varying degrees. What I mean is you may spend more money than time and energy or you may spend more time than money or energy... But you will spend these three.

You also won't start making progress until you put what you learn to work.

In other words, running an internet company starts yielding fruitful results when you actually start to learn. It will take time, effort and money, but if you hang on, you'll learn to succeed.

So how do you learn?

You take advantage of articles, blogs, free and paid online courses, ebooks... Whichever suits your budget at any point in time.

You cannot learn everything about the internet in a day (ofcourse you know that), but you can act on information as it comes to for the results and modify your methods.

Ebooks are particularly my favourite because they help you keep information at arm's reach (you can print out the books and underline, mark and asterisk as you read!)

So ebooks are like handbooks or manuals that you can really refer to whether free or paid for.

"Zero to fifty in 30 days" is a challenge I've set myself to begin this period.

I like this book because it's full of action steps that keep you on your toes. You literally "follow the book"! You can appraise yourself and see how well you are performing.

You don't necessarily have to follow every single line, but it can give you a good start to making money online.

The zero to fifty in 30days provides guidelines for you to follow to make atleast $50 a day at the end of 30days.

Here's a bit of what you'll learn from this book:

*a simple 6-step process that anyone can follow
*Why this system will never saturate
*How to turn your $50 a day system into a successful business, earning you thousands of dollars a month
*How to leverage the system so you can build a thriving internet business that will continue to grow more revenue year after year

Are you ready to take the 30day challenge?

I made up my mind to take this challenge, I think you should too. Click here to start

WHO Declares Nigeria Ebola Free

Nigeria has been declared officially free of Ebola after six weeks with no new cases, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.
The WHO can declare an Ebola outbreak over if two incubation periods of 21 days pass with no new cases. The last reported case in Nigeria - Africa's most populous country - was discovered on 5 September.
The BBC's Will Ross in Lagos says the nightmare scenario of Ebola spreading through Nigeria's 170 million people has been avoided and the nation is heaving a collective sigh of relief.
The outbreak there began when Patrick Sawyer, an American-Liberian citizen, was diagnosed with the illness in July.
BBC News

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Amber Rose Has Something To prove...

Looks like Amber is at it again. She ain't going down without a fight. She wants the world to know that even though she's had a baby and going through a divorce with her one time boo, Wiz Khalifa, she still got what it takes.

Amber, last night shared some photos with her fans on instagram revealing that she will be on the cover of Australia’s Oyster magazine.

But it looks like her to be ex husband, Wiz Khalifa, isn't bothered one bit with the pending divorce, as he goes ahead to do a song with Future, titled, overrated.

On the track, Wiz seems to reveal that he is not the one for a relationship as he spits, “Ain’t one of them n-ggas, late night, stay on the phone witcha, I just wanna smoke the strong witcha but you’re always trippin’” while Future adds some eyebrow raising lyrics, ‘I knew you weren’t gone take it, after you stripped naked, You’re supposed to f-ck me like a star, girl you know you’re fakin,’ Your p-ssy overrated, Your p-ssy overrated”

I think these guys are just acting a script...everything is obviously orchestrated by the "big screen Hollywood"....puppets in human skin....just thinking...

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