Wednesday, 17 September 2014

OMG: Venezuela is Suffering From Breast Implant Shortage!

Venezuelan women are in a panic situation, thanks to "Telenovella". No
boob jobs?!

"Beauty-obsessed Venezuelans face a scarcity of brand-name breast
implants, and women are so desperate that they and their doctors are
turning to devices that are the wrong size or made in China, with less
rigorous quality standards.

Venezuelans once had easy access to implants approved by the U.S. Food
and Drug Administration. But doctors say they are now all-but
impossible to find because restrictive currency controls have deprived
local businesses of the cash to import foreign goods. It may not be
the gravest shortfall facing the socialist South American country, but
surgeons say the issue cuts to the psyche of the image-conscious
Venezuelan woman.

"The women are complaining," said Ramon Zapata, president of the
Society of Plastic Surgeons. "Venezuelan women are very concerned with
their self-esteem."

Venezuela is thought to have one of the world's highest plastic
surgery rates, and the breast implant is the seminal procedure.
Doctors performed 85,000 implants here last year, according to the
International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Only the U.S.,
Brazil, Mexico and Germany — all with significantly larger populations
— saw more procedures."

"It's a culture of 'I want to be more beautiful than you.' That's why
even people who live in the slums get implants," surgeon Daniel
Slobodianik said, fiddling with an FDA-approved pouch of saline
solution no longer on sale here.

Slobodianik used to perform several breast implants each week, but now
performs closer to two a month. He says women call his office every
day asking if he the implant size they're looking for. When they can't
find it, they choose a second-best option, almost always a size up.

No one is giving the frustrated women much sympathy, especially not
the government.
Mr Slobodianik used to perform several breast implants each week, but
now performs closer to two a month, despite women calling his office
every day seeking inquiring about available cup sizes.

Despite the frustration, the image conscious women aren't getting much
sympathy in their homeland, with social media users saying the panic
shows the real shortage in the country is values.

In the absence of U.S. brands, China is cashing in on the shortage
with implant that are worth about a third of the $600 price tag of
those approved by European regulators.

Mr Slobodianik said the cheaper implants came with heightened risks:
'I'm not saying they're not safe, but I've removed more than a few
ruptured Chinese implants. I just don't feel comfortable with them.'

For real?!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Breaking News: Building Collapses Near Synagogue Church, Many Feared Dead and Injured

Scores of worshippers have been feared dead following the collapse of
a building near Synagogue Church, Ikotun, Lagos.

The incident which occured at about 2pm claimed the lives  of
worshippers in the Church who were probably staying in the building.

Details to follow

(Thisday live)

Oscar Pistorius Found Guilty of "Culpable Homicide" and Not Murder

After 41 days of testimony spanning more than five months, a verdict
in the Oscar Pistorius trial has been handed down: guilty of culpable
homicide, a ruling that comes with no minimum jail sentence.

Judge Thokozile Masipa handed down her decision, today, Friday; her
determination is that the death of Reeva Steenkamp in the early
morning hours of Valentine's Day last year was a tragic accident; that
while Pistorius "acted hastily and used excessive force," he did not
show intend to kill his girlfriend.

As Masipa read the verdict, Steenkamp's parents remained silent, their
faces drawn. Steenkamp's cousin Kim began sobbing in the public

Pistorius also faced three counts of gun charges – two for discharging
a gun in public, one for illegal possession of ammunition. Masipa
found him guilty of one of those charges – negligently handling a
firearm in a restaurant.

Per South African law, the verdict of culpable homicide carries a
maximum sentence of 15 years, but does not call for a minimum
sentence. The gun charge carries no minimum sentence, meaning
Pistorius could receive no jail time whatsoever.

As court adjourned briefly for the judge to finalize sentencing
hearing dates, Pistorius sat alone, silent and pensive, his head bowed
in the dock. Joined by his sister Aimee, who laid her head on his
shoulder, he leaned against her and closed his eyes.

Court will now be postponed until Pistorius' defense is ready to
present their arguments for the mitigation of his sentence, with the
prosecution likely countering with a push for an aggravation of the
potential length of his prison time.

Legal experts say the arguments that follow could potentially
constitute a "mini-trial" of sorts, with both sides able to lead
evidence, request expert reports, or call witnesses to the stand –
even previous witnesses including Pistorius himself – in their efforts
to influence Masipa's decision. The prosecution can put a Steenkamp
family member in the box as part of their argument for aggravation of

In finding Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide, Masipa explained
that "the accused acted negligently when he fired shots into the
toilet door knowing that here was someone behind the door and that
there was very little room to maneuver.

"A reasonable person," she continued, "therefore in the position of
the accused with similar disability, would have foreseen that
possibility that whoever was behind the door, might be killed by the
shots, and would have taken steps to avoid the consequences, and the
accused in this matter failed to take those consequences."

For now, any murder conviction is out. The prosecution can appeal the
decision and, if they do, Pistorius could still be convicted of
murder, according to legal experts contacted by Yahoo Sports

(yahoo news)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bachelorette Rough-Handled By Casino Guards

Amy Walsh, a 26yr old registered nurse was manhandled by security guards at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City.

The incident began when the casino's Pool After Dark nightclub refused seating for all six members of the bachelorette party despite reservations. Before she knew it, Walsh said she was pulled from the club by Harrah's security team and they took her phone when she tried to take a photo of the security guards.

Walsh said she was slammed against a wall and choked while being handcuffed, NBC10 reported. The video, made available by her attorney, Alexa D'Amato Barrera, shows a security guard climbing on top of Walsh in a small holding room as she fought back.

(nydaily news)

Oscar Pistorius Trial Update: Judge "Not Persuaded That a Reasonable Person With the Accused’s Disabilities..."

Late Reena Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius

Masipa, the 66yr old judge, who has a history of sentencing men who kill their lovers to long prison terms, examined whether it was reasonable for Pistorius to fire four shots through his bathroom door at what he believed was an intruder. 

“Clearly he did not subjectively foresee this as a possibility that he would kill the person behind the door - let alone the deceased - as he thought she was in the bedroom,” the judge said.

“The accused had reasonable time to reflect, to think and to conduct himself reasonably,” Masipa said. “On the facts of this case, I am not persuaded that a reasonable person with the accused’s disabilities (double amputee) in the same circumstances would have fired four shots into that small toilet cubicle.”

“All the accused had to do was pick up his cell phone to call security,” Masipa said of Pistorius’s reaction. She added that Pistorius could also have “run to the balcony” and called for help.

The judge also dismissed the angry texts prosecutors produced to show that Pistorius was a jealous lover. 

“None of this proves anything,” she said. “Normal relationships are dynamic and unpredictable most of the time, while human beings are fickle.”

Prosecutors had put on the stand several witnesses who testified that they heard Steenkamp scream before she was killed.

Masipa dismissed that testimony as well, saying that some of those witnesses were “genuinely mistaken in what they heard, 
as the chronology will show.”

Pistorius, the judge said, was a “very poor witness” who appeared “evasive” on the stand. But she also dismissed the evidence presented by many of the prosecution’s witnesses, and noted that the athlete’s poor performance on the stand doesn’t automatically make him guilty of murder.

“I am of the view that the accused acted too hastily and used excessive force,” Masipa said. “It is clear his conduct is negligent. And with that we will continue tomorrow.”

We are waiting to hear the verdict...

Chris Rock Doesn't Want His Daughters "Keeping Up With The Kardashians"

Chris Rock does not want his kids Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The
comedian updated Us Weekly about his girls' television-watching habits
this past weekend at the premiere of his new movie, Top Five, at the
Toronto International Film Festival.

"My kids are watching reality TV now," Rock, 49, said of his daughters
Lola, 12, and Zahra, 10.

In fact, it was his girls' preference for certain reality shows that
led Rock to tackle his next project. "My kids are obsessed with Dance
Moms, and also the Kardashians," Rock said. "But I'm trying to stop
them from doing too much of that. That's what got my interested in

"I'm pushing them to watch less Kardashians," Rock told Us of his
kids. Asked whether he believed his daughters needed other role
models, Rock responded: "Well, reality TV in general is just pretty
nuts, and watching what these people go through…."

(Yahoo News)

Mr. Chris your 10 and 12yr old daughters are already hooked on the Kardashians?
You're in hot soup!

Burglar Caught After Falling Asleep In Home He Invaded

A Florida man was recently arrested after being caught asleep in a
home he reportedly burgled.

The New York Daily News reports:

Deputies in Florida say they caught a house burglar sleeping on the
job while responding to a 911 call Monday.

The suspect, identified as 29-year-old Dion Davis, was described as
passed out on a bed beside a bag full of stolen jewelry.

He "didn't even notice the deputies taking pictures!" the Sarasota
County Sheriff's Office captioned his photo on their Facebook page
with a playful hashtag reading: "FloriDUH."

Davis, who's Facebook page lists him as a 'Security Equipment
Technician,' was arrested for burglary of an unoccupied dwelling while

Deputies said he was first discovered by a cleaning lady at her
client's home in Nokomis.

A case of sleeping sickness?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

16yr old High School Girl Beaten Up For Behaving "Too White"

"A 16-year-old high school girl in Rock Hill, S.C. told police that
another high school girl taunted her on a school bus and then beat her
up after she got off the bus. The assailant allegedly was angry at the
victim because she was behaving "too much like a white person."

Both the alleged attacker and the victim are black, reports The State,
a Columbia, S.C. newspaper.

The unidentified assault victim, 16, told investigators she exited the
bus on McDow Drive, a winding street dotted with small ranch-style
houses. Shortly after she got off the bus, she said, her attacker
violently punched her a bunch of times, then fled the scene.

A Rock Hill police report notes that witnesses told the same basic story.

The police report also indicates that the student who got beat up
suffered numerous injuries including a serious cut above her right

An ambulance transported the girl to a local hospital for treatment.

One witness, Shelly Hemphill, is the mother of one of the victim's
friends told police that the attacker tripped the victim and the
punched her again and again while she was on the ground, according to
The Island Packet, a Hilton Head newspaper.

In an interview with police, the victim claimed that there has been an
ongoing feud between the two girls for over a year. The victim
described herself as a "light-skinned black female," according to The
State. She said the other student, who has darker skin, had made fun
of her and challenged her to a fight on prior occasions, but she had

Police have described the altercation as assault, battery and
disorderly conduct in a school setting. However, they have not yet
been able to find the alleged attacker.

The age of the alleged attacker is unknown."


It's amazing how skin colour is still an issue. The lighter the
better? Who's to blame for this wrong perception?


Monday, 8 September 2014

Women With Wide Hips Are More Likely to Have More Sex Partners And One-night Stands

Don't hate me, still in shock myself:

Scientists at the University of Leeds have reported that a woman's
figure could play a crucial role in her decision to have sex.

Specifically, women with wider hips are more likely to hit it and quit
it, and to have more sexual partners in general. Less-hippy women, on
the other hand, tend to take a more prudent approach to sex.

Colin Hendrie, an associate professor of human and animal ethology at
the University of Leeds who led the ⁠study⁠, published in the Archives
of Sexual Behavior said

"Women's sexual activity is therefore at least in part influenced by
hip width."

It's a controversial conclusion.

Women with hips wider than 14.2 inches had more sexual partners and
one-night stands than those with hips narrower than 12.2 inches.

Hendrie and his colleagues recruited 148 women between 18 and 26 years
old from around the University of Leeds who'd had sex at least once in
their lives. They measured their hip width — the distance between the
upper edges of the iliac crest bones of the pelvis — as well as their
hip circumference at the widest point, plus their waist circumference
at its narrowest point.

The women also filled out questionnaires about their sexual histories,
including how old they were when they lost their virginity and how
many sexual partners they'd had in their lifetimes. Some questions
asked about emotionally significant sexual relationships, like "Were
you in love with this partner?"

Women with hips wider than 14.2 inches (36 centimeters) had more
sexual partners and one-night stands than those with hips narrower
than 12.2 inches (31 centimeters). And women who tooted and booted it
in 75 percent of their sexual relationships had hips nearly an inch (2
centimeters) wider than those who had fewer one-and-done encounters.
Their less-curvy counterparts "really only had sex with people in the
context of relationships, demonstrating a more cautious sexual
strategy," Hendrie ⁠said⁠.

Still, the study has weaknesses. The researchers studied women only
from Leeds and its environs; findings may not apply to other
populations and cultures.

Yet the study is suggestive. Earlier research has shown that a woman's
waist-to-hip ratio correlates with her attractiveness — playing a
major role in influencing the number and quality of men available to
her for sex. But hip width may factor more into her decision to
actually sleep with them. "This study is not reflecting what men find
attractive," Hendrie said. "It's about women being in charge of their
own destinies, where they can control their own sexual behavior."


Photo: Noni Zondi

Revving American Relations With Africa

Stumbled on this and felt it would be quite interesting to those in
Africa, Africans and those who want to do business with Africa:

The rise of Africa's middle class could be the story of the 21st
century. Asia and Europe have been on to this — leading the way with
trade and investment — and now the United States is starting to wake
up to the potential.

This is the moment to take our partnership to the next level.

"The largest workforce on earth will be in Africa in 2030," noted
Delaware Sen. Chris Coons, the Democratic chairman of the chamber's
Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Africa. "There is a huge youth

In less than 50 years, the continent's middle class is ⁠projected to
exceed 1 billion⁠. And that means ⁠consumers ready to spend money⁠ on
household goods and services like banking and health care. Countries
like China, India, France and England have already dotted the
continent with investments, trade offices and infrastructure projects.

But U.S. businesses have been lagging, and it will take a big effort
to catch up. The U.S. government has recently taken the lead.

It started with President Obama's ⁠swing through Senegal, Tanzania and
South Africa last summer⁠, visiting regional partners and launching a
new initiative, Power Africa, to promote American investment in the
continent's energy sector. Earlier this spring, Obama's Secretary of
Commerce, Penny Pritzker, led ⁠a trade mission⁠ with 20 U.S. companies
to Nigeria, Ghana and Ethiopia.

And next week, the Obama administration is hosting its most
high-profile gathering of all — ⁠the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit⁠, an
unprecedented gathering of nearly 50 African heads of state, along
with African and American CEOs and civil society leaders, in

The U.S. is a clear underachiever.

The theme: "Investing in the Next Generation."

"This is the moment to take our partnership to the next level," White
House National Security Adviser Susan Rice said earlier this week.

They'll have to, or American businesses could miss out.

That, at least, is the worry of many Africa boosters in the United
States, who believe Sub-Saharan African countries are now on the verge
of busting out, much as Asia did earlier. And it will be driven less
by natural resources than demographics.

Of course, America, as the world's largest economy, has an important
presence in Africa. The U.S. remains Sub-Saharan Africa's ⁠No. 1
source of foreign direct investment⁠ and is its⁠ No. 2 trading
partner⁠, eclipsed by China last decade.

But relative to American commerce in other regions and compared to
other countries' engagement, the U.S. is a clear underachiever.

U.S. trade with Sub-Saharan Africa, for example, has more or less
flatlined since the middle of last decade. In contrast, European Union
trade has more than doubled in the last decade, while the Chinese have
grown their trade 17-fold since 2000, going from just $10 billion to
more than $170 billion in 2013.

U.S. investment in Sub-Saharan Africa, meanwhile, represents less than
1 percent of what American companies invest overseas. And there's
little diversification. The vast majority of American commerce on the
continent is focused on natural resources — oil, gas and metals.
Taking advantage of the unfolding opportunities will require a new
type of business, focused on that fast-growing middle class.

The theme of Africa in shambles has been so pervasive for so long [in
the United States, creating] a mismatch between real and perceived

For decades America has approached Sub-Saharan Africa as a
humanitarian cause. Food aid to respond to famines. Peacekeepers to
stabilize war-torn societies. President George W. Bush's ⁠landmark
PEPFAR program⁠ to provide lifesaving HIV-AIDS drugs.

The summit aims to change the focus: "trade, not aid."

Or as President Obama put it last year in Cape Town, South Africa,
U.S.-Africa relations today should be "a partnership of equals that
focuses on your capacity to solve problems, and your capacity to

Right now, Africa's demonstrating plenty of capacity to grow. GDP
growth has been robust so far this century, except for a dip during
the global financial crises. It's expected to pick up again this year,
⁠exceeding 5 percent⁠.

Yet major barriers remain: corruption, a lack of law and order,
political instability and poor infrastructure all hamper African
economies and deter American commerce there.

"There's also a perception aspect," says Ben Leo, a Fellow at the
nonprofit Center for Global Development and onetime White House
staffer on Africa.

"The theme of Africa in shambles has been so pervasive for so long" in
the United States, Leo says. And that's created "a mismatch between
real and perceived risks."

With its colonial ties to the continent, Europe has been less hung-up
on those kinds of perceptions and more engaged. And China's state-run
model of commerce in Africa mitigates much of the risk.

In the U.S., the private sector is in the lead, but they still need a
helping hand from government to make headway in this politically
complicated and financially risky arena.

The test for U.S. leaders in the coming months is whether they're
willing to ante up the money and political muscle to match the
changing rhetoric.

A key U.S. trade law to promote African imports ⁠expires next
September,⁠ and Congress is working to reauthorize it — and broaden
its reach. Members of Congress have also introduced legislation to
institutionalize and expand the White House's Power Africa initiative.
Advocates hope that next week's summit will provide momentum for those
aims, not to mention for other investment agreements and funding for
more trade-promotion programs and personnel in Sub-Saharan Africa.
More than anything, the summit should open eyes in America's business
community to Africa's economic potential.

That could help to unleash America's competitive advantages: a large
African diaspora, the most advanced financial sector in a part of the
world hungry for capital and services, and plenty of goodwill from
African publics. All that's missing is the motivation. And that's
starting to change.

Center for Strategic and International Studies report: ⁠Africa in the
Wider World⁠, July 2014

Congressional Research Services ⁠report on the U.S.-Africa Leaders
Summit⁠, July 2014

Video of Ray Rice Punching then-fiancée in Casino Elevator Emerges

A harrowing video of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking
out his then-fiancee' in an Atlantic City casino elevator was posted
by early Monday morning, sending shockwaves around the country
— including in the NFL commissioner's office.

According to a source, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who had not
seen the horrific video showing Rice cold-cocking Janay Palmer before
handing down a two-game suspension that was blasted for being too
soft, is reviewing the new evidence that was posted by the gossip
website around 4 a.m. Monday.

"We requested from law enforcement any and all information about the
incident, including the video from inside the elevator. That video was
not made available to us. And no one in our office has seen it until
today," the NFL said in a statement.

The video shows Rice and Palmer, who are now married, getting into an
elevator inside the Revel Casino on Feb. 15, and within seconds after
the door closing, Palmer approaches Rice, who knocks her out with a
left hook to the chin. Palmer falls to the ground, and when the doors
open, Rice drags her unconscious body into the hallway, where they are
met by a security guard.

Video of Rice dragging her out of the elevator went public shortly
after the incident, but Monday was the first time footage of inside
the elevator was released.

At the time of Rice's arrest, his attorney, Andrew Alperstein, termed
the allegations a "very minor physical altercation" with Palmer.

Nydaily News.

Watch video here:

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