Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Amber Rose Has Something To prove...

Looks like Amber is at it again. She ain't going down without a fight. She wants the world to know that even though she's had a baby and going through a divorce with her one time boo, Wiz Khalifa, she still got what it takes.

Amber, last night shared some photos with her fans on instagram revealing that she will be on the cover of Australia’s Oyster magazine.

But it looks like her to be ex husband, Wiz Khalifa, isn't bothered one bit with the pending divorce, as he goes ahead to do a song with Future, titled, overrated.

On the track, Wiz seems to reveal that he is not the one for a relationship as he spits, “Ain’t one of them n-ggas, late night, stay on the phone witcha, I just wanna smoke the strong witcha but you’re always trippin’” while Future adds some eyebrow raising lyrics, ‘I knew you weren’t gone take it, after you stripped naked, You’re supposed to f-ck me like a star, girl you know you’re fakin,’ Your p-ssy overrated, Your p-ssy overrated”

I think these guys are just acting a script...everything is obviously orchestrated by the "big screen Hollywood"....puppets in human skin....just thinking...

Angela Simmons Puts Namibian Business Mogul On Lock Down

Looks like Angela Simmons, is going across continents to find love...

All the way in Africa, meet Angela's new boo and business tycoon, Knowledge Katti, 40. They were both seen together on Sunday, leaving a Beverly Hills restaurant driving in Angela's car.

The 40-year-old Namibian, is the founder and CEO of Kunene Energy, an oil and gas exploration and production company based in his home country. He’s also the executive vice president of an international gold exploration company called Giyani Gold Corp. And he’s not just keeping his coins to himself!

He also founded the Knowledge Foundation, a charity dedicated to promoting education and reducing poverty in both Namibia and the rest of Africa.

Knowledge, went on instagram last month and shared a photo of he and Angela, with the caption:

#DearLife – I learn a lot from friends on a daily basis. Happy to have gatecrashed @angelasimmons dinner party and learn more from cool, young and hardworking women #angelasbdaytakeoverMIA #supercoolfriends #happybirthday #Miami

Alicia Keys Holds Bring #BringBackOurGirlsNOW Campaign

The pregnant singer, who recently launched her We Are Here initiative, held a #BringBackOurGirlsNOW protest on Tuesday in New York on the six-month anniversary of the massive abduction. Alicia and protesters were out there to raise awareness and to remind people that the girls are still missing.

During an on-the-scene interview, the 33-year-old mom credited her 4-year-old son Egypt as being part of the reason why she decided to protest.

"Today is my son’s birthday and it is also making me stand in solidarity with all the mothers of the Chibok girls who have been abducted for six months and are still missing. And it is just outrageous that that’s going on. 
Some people have even told me they’ve heard things about ‘there’s been progress,’ but there hasn’t been progress because the girls aren’t back. 
So I think that we get mixed information. We don’t know, so we just have to keep being made aware of what’s happening".

Some people feel that though what she is doing is right, but charity begins at home....fight for our own lost girls first!            

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Amanda Bynes Accused Of Shoplifting $200 Hat From Barneys New York

Maybe it slipped her mind to pay...hmmm...

Embattled actress Amanda Bynes, found herself in yet another Big Apple bind Wednesday when she was accused of shoplifting from upscale Barneys New York, police said.

Bynes, was stopped by security at the Madison Ave. store after the “Hairspray” actress walked out wearing a $200 hat for which she had not paid around 2:30 p.m., police said.

Security guards brought Bynes, 28, back into the high-end store and called police, but the former Nickelodeon star told the guards she had accidently raced out of the front door wearing the hat to avoid fans that were chasing her, according to police.

The guards called off the cops when Bynes, agreed to sign a no-trespass agreement and never return to the store, cops said.

When you are in the spotlight, you are in the spotlight...


Kimora Lee Simmons Pregnant With Fourth Child

Hmm...she ain't kidding...

The 39-year-old model is expecting a little one with investment banker husband, Tim Leissner, People magazine confirmed.

"It's true. Pregnant, happy — so far so good," a source told the mag. "(She's) cautiously optimistic. (The) girls are ecstatic."

Lee and Leissner, secretly tied the knot in February and ironically Lee's first husband, Russell Simmons, was first to break the news via social media.

"All of us love @OfficialKimora but the fact is she is happily married. Tim, is has been family for a while now. #gossipcop....," he tweeted on Feb. 20.

Simmons and Lee, were married from 1998 to 2009 and share two daughters together, Ming, 14, and Aoki, 12.
After the two parted ways, Lee started dating actor Dijimon Hounsou, for more than five years.

The former pair never tied the knot but they did have a son together, Kenzo, 5, before their split in 2012.

Robin Thicke's High School Sweetheart, Paula Patton, Finally Files For Divorce

Paula Patton has filed for divorce from her estranged husband, Robin Thicke, after eight months of separation.

The “Mission Impossible” actress' filing which cites "irreconcilable differences" comes after her husband of eight years became embroiled in cheating allegations earlier this year.

Patton seeks joint physical and legal custody of their 4-year-old son, Julian Fuego, but doesn't request spousal support.

It was also filed pro per, meaning without an attorney, hinting that the split may be an amicable one, though property rights are listed as yet to be determined.

"(It's) all very peaceful," a source close to the couple told the Daily News late Thursday.

The celebrity couple separated in February and five months later listed their Los Angeles mansion for $2.9 million.

The filing may prove to be a crushing blow to the American-Canadian singer, however, who since their split has undertaken a public campaign to win his high school sweetheart back.


Could O.J. Simpson Have Contracted HIV As His Transsexual Jail Lover Says She's HIV Positive...

Imprisoned O.J. Simpson will be released on parole in a few years, but even with freedom on the horizon, he could already have a death sentence. According to a new report in The National ENQUIRER, the former football great could have contracted AIDS from his HIV-positive transsexual lover!

Via RadarOnline reports: has the exclusive, jaw-dropping video confessions of the former prostitute who claims she had secret prison cell sex romps with the disgraced NFL hero.

HIV-positive transsexual Jazmena Jameson told Radar, “I was the closest thing to a real woman” at the Lovelock Correctional Center, where she began a steamy affair with fellow inmate Simpson in 2013. Simpson has been serving time at the Nevada facility since 2008 for a bungled sports memorabilia robbery.

“I used to be the lead porter for the laundry, so I was responsible for O.J.’s laundry,” Jameson said. “I would deliver laundry to his room.”

“We used to joke around and stuff, and finally one day he said, ‘You have big titties. Are those implants or the hormone shots?’” Jameson claimed. “And he wanted to see them … I don’t mind showing anyone, you know, so I ended up showing them to him. He said, ‘You better get up out of here!’”

Simpson looked, but didn’t touch, she claimed. One month later, it was a different story.

“I ended up having oral sex with him,” Jameson alleged.

“I went in there, and we were just … flirting. I’m very flirtatious like that,” she said. “I ended up teasing him, dancing for him … I walked up on him and said, ‘You can stop me if you want to.’ I knew he wasn’t going to stop me … Then it was too late …”

“I kept talking to him and it got harder,” she said. “I gave him oral sex … I made sure he reached his climax.”

But the cellblock hookup could have dire consequences for the NFL great — because Jameson is HIV positive.

“I’m HIV positive. I have to be really careful,” she admitted. “I guess that wasn’t being completely careful.”

“It would have been an extremely small chance” that he contracted HIV, she said, but a chance nevertheless.

Indeed, Dr. Steven Charlap, who has not treated Simpson, told The ENQUIRER, “O.J. Has put his life in danger due to serious health consequences of his actions.”


Pastor With Full Blown Aids Confesses He Spread It To Female Church Members!!

Things that make you go hmmm....

The church leaders, including the now former pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Juan Demetrius McFarland himself, confessed from the pulpit a few Sundays ago that he had full blown AIDS and had slept with church members.

Via WFSA reports:

Shocked and stunned, church members contacted the 12 NEWS DEFENDERS and reaction is coming in from the congregation that is still in disbelief.

McFarland didn’t hold back when he revealed to worshipers at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church on Sept. 14, that he contracted HIV in 2003 and discovered in 2008 he had AIDS.

“The church was very accepting of Reverend McFarland and was willing to help him in any way possible,” a church member, who wanted to remain unnamed, explained.

Once the pastor, with 23 years of leadership, started revealing more and more on the following Sundays, members and leaders say they realized he had crossed the line.

In a resolution read aloud at the church, leaders shared, and Pastor McFarland confirmed to WSFA 12 News, that he admitted to drug use and mishandling of church funds. And there was what members say was the ultimate shocker, described by church deacon Nathan Williams Jr.

“He concealed from the church that he had knowingly engaged in adultery in the church building with female members of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church while knowingly having AIDS,” Williams said.

McFarland was removed as church pastor on Oct. 5. Still, church members say some congregation members are afraid to come forward and many others are concerned.

“Who does this to people, and you are the leader? Who does this?” another unnamed church member asked.

“I know a young lady who is a member of the church who says she has slept with him and that she didn’t want this to go public, and she running out now trying to find out if there is anything wrong with her,” the member explained. “And my heart goes out to her because she’s been a wonderful church member, and then for something like this to happen. The fact that he didn’t tell them at all. That’s a crime in itself.”

The unnamed church member went on, “And I’m hoping by doing this interview that she will see that she can come and talk to someone and her name or whatever will not be revealed. And maybe she can have some peace by coming forward and not the shame that goes along with it.”

Deacon Williams says he’s been a member of the church for 70 years, and this is the biggest scandal the church has ever experienced.

“He confessed to the entire membership and then to the City of Montgomery, because as soon as he got done confessing, it went all over Montgomery anyway,” Williams said. “So it’s nothing we [are] making up. It’s coming out of his mouth.”

Williams says leaders have obtained legal counsel, and are now focused on moving the church forward.

“Our moves are going to come directly from counsel. We want peace and we want to do things right, legally,” Williams said. “We are not looking to hurt him. We are looking to get the church back. That’s our theme: Get the church back. We want the church back. That’s it.”

But some members say they want justice.

“I believe that he should be put on trial,” another unnamed church member said. “Go to court and let the judge decide if he should go to jail or not. We tend to sweep things under the rug, especially if they’re the leader. It’s like oh, no, please let’s not get this out but I think after this that they will have more discussions on HIV and AIDS.”

This is serious....firstly, why sleep with your pastor? When this question is answered, then the other questions can be asked and decisions taken...until then, I rest my case!!

Police Officer Placed On Administrative Leave After Fatally Shooting Black Teen

Conflicting details continue to emerge about what really happened during the fatal shooting of yet another black teen at the hands of a St. Louis police officer yesterday evening.

The local police chief corroborated the story of the initial police reports this morning during a press conference on the incident, but now says the teen fired 3 shots at the officer pursuing him (last night’s reports claimed he only fired 1 shot) before being shot 17 times by the officer in return.

via Good Morning America

Wednesday’s shooting happened at about 7:30 p.m. in the city’s Shaw Neighborhood, and involved an officer working a department-approved secondary job for a private security company, Police Chief Sam Dotson said at an early-morning news conference.

The officer approached a group of men. One of the men took off running, Dotson said, so the officer pursued. Dotson said the suspect approached the officer in an “aggressive” manner, with a physical altercation occurring. The man then turned and fired three rounds at the officer before his gun jammed, Dotson said.

The officer, who was not injured, returned fire, shooting 17 times and fatally wounding the man, Dotson said.

A gun was recovered at the scene. The officer was placed on administrative leave, as per department policy, police said.

However, witnesses to the shooting also claimed yesterday evening that the teen was unarmed and holding only a sandwich in his hand when he was gunned down.

Whose report should we now believe since all these senseless killings have been going on?! More details to come...

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The First Ebola Victim In the US Has Died

The first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States died
early Wednesday, officials with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

Thomas Eric Duncan, 42, died at 7:51 a.m., the hospital said.

"This hurts deeply," Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said during a city
council meeting. "We were hoping this was not going to happen."

Duncan, a Liberian citizen who recently traveled from West Africa to
Dallas, had been in isolation at Texas Health Presbyterian for 10

He had come to Texas to reunite with a long-lost son and the teen's
mother, Louise Troh, a former sweetheart from when she lived in
Liberia. Troh is being kept in quarantine because she had contact with
Duncan, but released a statement following his death.

"His suffering is over," Troh said. "My family is in deep sadness and
grief, but we leave him in the hands of God. Our deepest sympathies go
out to his father and family in Liberia and here in America. Eric was
a wonderful man who showed compassion toward all."

The state health department said they will follow recently issued CDC
guidelines for handling Duncan's body, which could remain contagious
for several days. The health department said Duncan's family agreed
with their request to cremate him.

"The cremation process will kill any virus in the body so the remains
can be returned to the family," said Dr. David Lakey, commissioner of
the Texas Department of State Health Services. "No protective gear is
needed to handle the remains after cremation."

Duncan's death comes four days after his condition was downgraded from
serious to critical. Over the weekend, he had begun receiving
brincidofovir, an experimental antiviral drug that recently gained
emergency approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

"He fought courageously in this battle," the hospital said in a
statement. "Our professionals, the doctors and nurses in the unit, as
well as the entire Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
community, are also grieving his passing. We have offered the family
our support and condolences at this difficult time."

(yahoo news)

Breaking: Linda Ikeji's Blog Has Been Removed By Google

After several attempts by her enemies especially the hacker called Mr
Aydee, they've finally succeeded in getting Google to remove the site
after they lodged a campaign of copyright infringement against her.

This must be a big blow to the multimillionaire blogger who is
Africa's number one. She is expected to release a statement on this.

Earlier in the day she told her readers that she's been trying to get
a domain name but the internet squatters have hijacked most of the
likely name she cud use. That's a multimillionaire business google has
just shut down! Couldn't they have verified all this allegations
against her and know that it's the handiwork of hackers and haters!

They should also have known that most people in Nigeria actually
registered on blogger cos of her(I guess)


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